Lotus DOOEL has been present for 20 years on the Macedonian Market and is one of the leading companies for selling Personal Protective Equipment – HTZ Equipment.
The daily Distribution and supply of our clients takes place through 2 warehouses located in the industrial part of Veles, with a permanent stock of over 300 items for protection at work. Most of the articles are of import origin in cooperation with several leading reputable manufacturers of Occupational Safety Equipment.
One part of the Equipment – Clothes and uniforms are produced in Macedonia with high quality material of import origin.
Great attention is paid to the quality of articles, materials, and tips for proper use of equipment. Fulfilling the overall needs for LZO issues to our customers is the first place.

Lotus Dooel Company is more than 20 years in business with Personal Protective Equipment, and is leader in region for distribution and selling of PPE products.